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Tian niu model was founded in 1992, is a new management mode of the company.

Building model is the main business of the company, now has art designers,graphic designers, managers face more than 120 staff, the staff of the company mostly grow together with the longicorn, employees have many years of experience in the production model.

Company uphold the down-to-earth, and strive to explore and innovative spirit, has been vigorous development in the real estate the most exuberantin Pearl River delta.

Our Spirits Our Spirits

* innovation is the key

The company in recent years at home and abroad as well as the well-known design company cooperation and exchanges, make model of sound, light,electricity and other process of continuous innovation, constantly breakthrough. Longicorn model will continue to learn and progress, the image will stay forever young, the more the better model and dedication tocustomers at home and abroad.

* customer satisfaction is the purpose of

We have the spirit of love for the model industry, carefully making each event, a good piece of work, a sense of achievement, customer satisfaction is our aim.

* high quality after sale service is fundamental

Longicorn model give every customer a convenient, quick and thoughtful service.

Our Mission Our Mission

Serve Our management

Our company has perfect management system, the model of innovation, exploration and production have enough professional and technical personnel, the company has advanced technical staff of more than ten years, the technical personnel more than five years accounted for sixty percent, the strongest is the company employing a unique way and pay attention to science and innovation, the company innovation and making effect as the development of life, advanced production equipment to meet the needs of the production of absolute innovation. We are fully aware that only quality is the market strong backing, to create high-quality brand. With first-class enterprise's goal by adopting advanced management idea, to become the industry's leading enterprises.

Serve Our management


1, floor type entity construction process

Making process:

First of all, design drawing, computer engraving software according to the three-dimensional level, building exterior decoration standard design layout, and then flat and curved computer engraving, sculpture completed after the inspection of the three-dimensional manual modeling, construction procedure consists of frame building process,building exterior protrude window, architecture, balcony, floating boardmanual production process, each process should be strictly adhered,repeated analysis of grinding, polishing. The fuel injection process ofabove process must check standards.

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Serve Our management



Serve Our management

After-sales service

A model of the project delivery, we promise to provide one year free compulsory after-sales maintenance.

1, the warranty period, any quality defects caused by the quality of our model, affect the normal use of I will fulfill the quality warranty obligations within 48 hours of receipt of your notice after the party, from our side is responsible for free repair, replacement, and bear all the expenses incurred. If the planning changes greatly and the production cost will be determined by both parties through friendly consultations;

2, after the expiration of the warranty, models such as the need for maintenance, updating, maintenance and cleaning work, we can continue to provide services according to the above conditions, but depending on the specific situation to collect the corresponding costs (expenses both parties);

3, our implementation of model track maintenance services until completion model use value.

Serve Our management

Maintenance instructions

1, avoid the model placed in the sunlight, high temperature or humidity, so as to avoid cracking model house, turf Qiqiao, short circuit, the whole modelfade phenomenon.

2, if not the glass model should pay attention to the work of dust, from time to time to dust again. Ban on alcohol, days that water chemical scrubbingmodel can choose water, gently wipe with a towel and amount of cleaning agent.

3, the lights do not open for a long time, so as to avoid the lamp burned outand short-circuit phenomenon, affecting the display effect.

4, non professionals should not the company free disassembly models,such as small parts fall off, please note do not discard, and other professionals to stick, to avoid unnecessary losses.

5, the model change the display position, must be conducted under the guidance of professionals, avoid light line problem or buildings collapseetc..

Execute Execute


Execute Execute

Pre project the first link

Pre project the first link: (Study) Discussion: our steps to send the man responsible for the project to the client to discuss the design principle and model style project requirements, the man responsible for the project with the new project drawings and customer requirements into consideration, put forward opinions for the customer model, the two sides discussed to lay the foundation for the production plan model.

Execute Execute

Make production plan

1, through discussions with the client will be the new project style, grade,production process, technical division of labor, delivery and acceptance of intermediate links work flow, quantification in the production schemeand explicit.

2, project production requirements (key customer requirements and thecompany this project requirements) to be clear, in the work of the bookhighlights include: size, layout, illustrations, base sand table StandardArchitecture and gardens, the vertical scaling relationship, process,standard pavement, timber descriptions, lighting design, green design,price, model production time, after sale service.

Execute Execute

Contract making draft must do

1, contract manufacturing:

1) model specification size do Cheung do that;

2) base sand table specific requirements for performance standards;

3) model making time and duration (model production cycle is generally 30 days, but according to specific circumstances appropriate adjustments);

4) payment.

2, the contract by mutual discussion, consent to sign.


Execute Execute


1, to provide information

List of documents to clients according to our data, all the requirements of the drawings for the final figure, try to avoid in the modeling after modification, lest affect both cost and time.

2, drawing

Division I get information provided by customers will have peopledrawing. If encounter drawings incomplete, error and other issues will bein charge of the project and customer contact, both sides quickly, solve the problem in time.

3, the production plan discussion and formulation

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Products Products

Grow Grow

Tianniu is the product of model, product is the talent. In order to realize the value of each person, beetle has been in perfect company system,mechanism, want to make every employee of the company to enter, canborrow this platform to find a beetle personal development road. So,beetles have been using "think general will have a chance, to the director general on the stage, do nothing there is position, do not look at theacademic ability to see, do not look at the qualifications strength" talent concept, dedicated to each employee planning life, let all day people areable to find their own social value.

Grow Grow

In Tianniu

Tianniu model to provide you with innovation, culture of excellence The pursuit of excellence, to encourage innovation, incentive thinking is the cornerstone of longicorn model company spirit. Longicorn model of employee not only provides the professional service, is more of an emphasis on independence but encourages collaboration, open-minded, both thinking and execution team.

Employee occupation development plan In order to guarantee the development model of human occupation of longicorn beetles and ensure employees to adapt to new areas of business or industry changes, the establishment of occupation training project of different types, different levels of staff, to improve the professional level and occupation accomplishment. Talent cultivation promotion, evaluation and incentive scheme, will strive to enter the growing staff to provide more space for development and implementation of responsibilities, measures and guarantee its value demands effective.

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